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Creative advantages of Medical Hydrogen/Oxygen Generator with Nebulizer

Ending the threshold of traditional water electrolysis technology in a revolutionary way, achieving the CFDA standard of Type III medical device.We have received 101 certificated patents (invention and new type) in domestic and foreign.

  • Innovations

    Hydrogen molecular at 10-10 level is used to atomize medicine with 10-6. It is an efficient and directive way to deliver medicine and greatly reduces medication dose. 【less medication】

    Applied the features of chemical scavenging toxic radicals, hydrogen molecule provides safety, effective and creative way for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidation. With the “physical decomposition” effects to penetrate the cell barrier easily, hydrogen molecule give a creative method to optimize of metabolism in human body. 【no medication】

  • Medical property

    At the moment, this machine is the only hydrogen inhalation device which has passed the strict test of CFDA “Class III Medical Device” and European CEⅡb in the world.

    The treatment effects has been testified by 55 animal fundamental experiments and a number of clinical trials.

  • Technology

    Compared with the world's 1400 patents water electrolysis, we terminates the technical problems in traditional water electrolysis of AEC/PEM. Non-stop operation in 24 hours does not heat up. It is suitable for all kinds of water, low energy consumption and long service life.

    Having developed an intelligent controlling system and data storage, it could link the Cloud network with Wi-Fi, catering for the needs of the future Cloud medical services ports and remote monitoring and control technology.

  • Safety

    The gas is freshly produced and used with no air cavity which avoids the accumulation of hydrogen and oxygen mixture. Atomized water is introduced to avoid spontaneous combustion caused by dry electrostatic. All these assure safety.

    Combined with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, hydrogen concentrations in the air are intellectually monitored. The machine will be shut down with the presence of abnormal situations, assuring the safety of the machine and environment.