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Government Approvals
Shanghai Asclepius Meditec Co., Ltd. is committed to the global clinical application of molecular hydrogen medicine, adhering to the principles of enterprise as the main body, intelligence as the basis, demand as the core, and effectiveness as the fundamental. Research on such new medical field has drawn more attention from the government, and special approval has been made to establish the academician and expert workstation to further explore the value of hydrogen medicine and benefit all mankind.

The First Units in 2016 Authorized to Set Up Academician and Expert Workstation

Shanhgai Asclepius Meditec Co,. Ltd.

Zhong Nanshan
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, National Clinical Research Center of Respiratory Disease, Area of Expertise: Respirology

Xia Zhaofan
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Shanghai Burn Emergency Center, Area of Expertise: Burn Surgery

Wang Xi'an
Associate Researcher, Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Area of Expertise: Condensed State Physics

Bai Chunxue
Professor, Zhongshan Hopspital Fudan University, Area of Expertise: Medical Science

Sun Xuejun
Professor, The Second Military Medical University, Area of Expertise: Neurobiology

Niu Shanfu
Professor, Respiratory Institute of Fudan University, Area of Expertise: Medical Treatment