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Helping fight against the epidemic, Chinese brands send "hydrogen & oxygen" thousands of miles away



In the early spring of 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia ravaged the land of Hubei and then swept the whole country.

After the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, Shanghai Asclepius Meditec, under the guidance of academician Zhong Nanshan, immediately started a clinical trial on inhaling hydrogen oxygen mix to combat novel coronavirus pneumonia. Moreover, Shanghai Asclepius Meditect overcame the difficulties of resumption of work, logistics, and funding, and provided, free of charge, nearly 2,000 devices for nationwide epidemic area.

Through statistical analysis of data collected from clinical centers such as Leishenshan Hospital, Wuhan Hanyang Hospital, Guangzhou Eighth People's Hospital, Shenzhen Third People's Hospital, Nanchang University First Affiliated Hospital, Jingzhou Songzi, Harbin Medical University Affiliated Hospital and other clinical centers, after inhaling hydrogen oxygen mix gas, polypnea, chest tightness, chest pain, number of breaths, heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation in patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia are significantly ameliorated compared with before.

Good clinical results have attracted more hospitals in epidemic areas to turn to the clinical applications of the devices.

To assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic, the "Hydrogen Oxygen Nebulizer Donation Action" was jointly launched by Shanghai Asclepius and Foxconn Group, donating to the Wuhan Municipal Government a total of 1,000 hydrogen oxygen nebulizers, with a total value of 50 million RMB.

At present, the batch of medical devices has arrived in Wuhan smoothly, and will be uniformly distributed and dispatched by COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Donghu New Technology Development Zone.